Balance hormones,
improve gut health,
and overcome fatigue -
while eating the food that you love.

Blueberries and Strawberries Pancakes

Welcome to Uplift. We are a team of dietitians on a mission to provide New Zealanders with a dietitian service that delivers long term, sustainable results.


We have helped hundreds of clients to lose weight, boost energy levels, improve sleep and gut health, and feel confident around food through our simple step-by- step approach. 


We work 1:1 with clients anywhere across New Zealand, by supporting you every week right up until you feel confident to continue without us.

Learn more below or book a free call and let's talk about how we can help you.

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Our philosophy:


Our mission is to support you to feel confident in your body, live a happier more energized life right now, and feel your absolute best. 

There is so much that eating well can do for you...​

  • Hormone balance

  • Gut health and GI symptoms

  • Longevity and quality of life

  • Energy levels

  • Mood, memory, cognition

  • Health outcomes- reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease

And most importantly.. feeling confident, happy, and energized in your body right now.


We give you all of the tools that you need to achieve great results. It's a lifelong journey- and we am committed to your success the whole way. 

How is this different to everything else I've tried?

Most mainstream diets set us up for failure. Relying on willpower, setting food rules, and eating food that we don't enjoy is not a path to long term success. 


Building habits through sustainable advice and ongoing support is your key to success. This time you are supported every week, right up until you feel confident to continue without us.

Healthy Salad

No food rules or long-term calorie counting- all foods fit! You will only eat foods that you enjoy.

Nuts and Berries Pancakes

Learn how to overcome overeating, and feel confident around food even when socialising, on holiday, or out of routine.

Drinking Martinis

Personal dietitian 1:1 advice available to you every step of your journey. 

We have seen the transformations that our clients have when they eat well. We have worked with people who have reversed their diabetes, improved cholesterol and blood pressure levels to a point where medication is no longer needed, and found solutions to years of gut problems. 

I invite you to join me in working with us 1:1, or in our Uplift members space. Here’s to learning, success, overcoming barriers, improving our health, and here’s to loving our lives right now!


NZRD, MDiet, BSc

Who do we work with?

Our approach will suit you if you...

  • Are committed to prioritising yourself and your health

  • Want to learn how to lose weight and fuel your body to achieve your health goals long-term 

  • Are ready to make long-term lifestyle & diet changes with a big focus on mindset shifts and behaviour change

  • Would like the accountability of 1:1 ongoing dietitian support available to you at all times

  • Would like to learn how to develop habits that you can maintain with tools that are simple to use 

  • Can dedicate time to your health and feeling great  

Our approach will not suit you if you...

  • Are not willing to allocate time every 1-2 weeks to think about your health and goals

  • Want to do a short term "shred" rather than focusing on maintaining weight loss and health gains long term 

  • Are not interested in learning the science and tools needed for long-term behaviour change

  • Would not like ongoing 1:1 dietitian support

How can we support you?

1:1 Dietitian Support

Our 1:1 dietitian service includes: 

  • Regular dietitian appointments (7 appointments in the first 3 months) 

  • Personalised meal plan & regular review of this

  • Access to a private dietitian chat within our app

  • Access to food diary and metric tracking for feedback on progress, energy levels, sleep, weight, blood test results, and much more.

  • Opportunity for weekly reflection and goal setting

  • Access to our "toolkit"

    • Weight loss nutrition & mindset program ​

    • Weekly evening meal plans

    • Recipe bank 

    • Example meal plans for inspiration and meal structure ideas

    • Community forum (Q+A, case studies, tips from dietitians)​​

Suitable for the following health conditions and nutrition concerns: 

  • Weight Loss

  • Pre-diabetes

  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

  • Hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol)

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)

  • Gut concerns (IBS, general gut upset, etc.)

  • Other health conditions, health events, or concerns with or without a focus on weight loss (family nutrition, general nutritional adequacy of diet, previous cardiac event)

Poke Bowl with Salmon

Uplift Membership

Our Uplift Membership includes:

  • Weekly evening meal plans

  • Our science backed weight loss program

  • Recipe bank 

  • Meal plan examples for portion size guidance and inspiration

  • Community forum for nutrition and mindset questions, discussions, sharing of progress and results, and case studies shared by our dietitians. 

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Start your Uplift journey today...

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    Your health insurance may cover your work with our NZ Registered Dietitians. Please check your policy or contact us for more information.

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