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A platform created to provide a toolkit to those wanting realistic, science-backed dietitian advice and helpful tools to support eating well.


Access our weight loss program, weekly meal plans, and recipes.

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  • Uplift Membership

    Every month
    Exclusive to Synergy Health Wellness Hub
    • Weekly evening meal plans
    • Mindset & nutrition training
    • Huge bank of balanced recipes and meal ideas
  • Uplift Membership

    Every month
    Exclusive to Synergy Health Wellness Hub

    What does my Uplift membership include?


    • Weekly meal plans

    • Recipe bank including hundreds of healthy, easy recipes

    • Learn how to create your own meal plan that fits your preferences and lifestyle

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    • Learn about the science of nutrition, weight loss, and health through our weight loss program.

    Who is our Uplift membership for?

    Our Uplift membership is great for those who want more meal ideas, "done for you" weekly evening meal plans that suit the whole family, and access to our science-backed weight loss and nutrition mindset programs.

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    What happens once I sign up? 

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    Access your program and begin at any time. you can work through our modules at your own pace - your program is available to you the whole time that you are working with us.

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    Explore our recipes and meal plans to learn how to create delicious, balanced meals that are suitable for the whole family.


    Access our recipe bank filled with healthy, easy recipes.

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    Some changes that you might start to see in your day while working through our program:


    Increased energy 

    Better mood, clarity, and focus

    A positive relationship with food 

    Better sleep

    Improved digestion and reductions in bloating and gut discomfort

    Already a member?

    Feedback from previous program clients...

    "I feel this week was much better week mentally around food. I loved the session this week, I listened to it twice.. and learnt so much from it.


    The meal planner meals has been awesome having this week - I have included a photo of the steamed fish we had tonight - was so good!


    Look forward to next week session."




    How does the program work? 

    you can join and begin your program at any time. The program content is delivered through videos, articles, and audio. It's incredibly easy to follow with new steps released to you every week. You can watch or listen to these at any stage.

    In this program I will not tell you what you can't eat or shouldn't be eating - instead I focus on additions. You will learn how to add all of the foods that you love into your diet and still achieve the results that you desire.  Knowledge is the key to sustainable diet and lifestyle changes. You will learn how to lose weight and improve your health so that you always have the tools to feel great and will never need to diet again. 


    Topics covered in the program include general food advice, the power of positive thinking, exercise, how to create lifelong healthy habits, and how to improve your diet for weight loss and health. 

    You can ask our dietitians questions at any time through our forum. All of our dietitians are registered health professionals who provide evidence and science backed advice- so everything that you learn is supported hugely by fact.

    I have a medical condition- will the program suit me? 

    Our program involves general nutrition education that is suitable not only for weight loss, but also general wellbeing, blood sugar balance, and reducing cholesterol/ blood pressure. We recommend that if you have the following conditions- you also work with us 1:1 alongside completing our program:

    • Prediabetes / non-diabetic hyperglycaemia

    • Type 2 diabetes

    • High cholesterol and/ or blood pressure

    • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

    • PCOS, endometriosis, hypothyroidism

    • Type 1 diabetes

    If you have coeliac disease then this is also suitable for you. Our guidelines are not gluten free but our dietitians can support you with tailoring the advice to suit a gluten free diet throughout the program as needed


    If you're still unsure about whether the program is right for you, please email us on alex@alexcameron.co.nz and we can advise you.

    How is this any different to everything else I have tried? 

    This program is proven, backed by science, and delivered by registered health professionals. You won't find any fad diet or quick fix recommendations. Instead you will learn how to make healthy eating habitual and automatic in your life.


    Usually other diets and programs focus only on the food and calories. Yes this may help you to lose weight- but this is not enough! Here at Uplift we focus on the WHY behind our behaviour. You will learn how to alter behaviour for life, eat foods that you enjoy while still losing weight and achieving your health goals, and be supported every step of the way. Forget about one off appointments and generic meal plans, everything that you learn can be applied specifically to your needs, preferences, and situation. You will also learn how to eat for not just weight loss but also improving all areas of your health. You will feel more energized, less bloated, happier and less irritable, more in control and calm around food, and confident in making excellent food decisions.

    I am fussy or have specific nutritional requirements (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, intolerances)- is this program still suitable for me? 

    We provide broad guidelines that can be easily adapted to suit your personal preferences and most dietary requirements. If you're not sure whether our nutrition recommendations will suit you, please send us a message on alex@alexcameron.co.nz


    Do I need a smart phone to access and complete the program?

    No. You can use your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer to access the program. We keep things as simple as possible.


    Can I cancel my membership if I don't like it?

    Of course! You can cancel online or just email me and I will do it for you (alex@alexcameron.co.nz

    Can I have a refund if I don't enjoy it? 

    We are unable to provide refunds. However- given the amount of value that you get with our membership- we are confident that you won't be needing a refund. 

    Can I put my membership on hold? 

    Sure! Just get in touch: alex@alexcameron.co.nz

    We would be happy to help you. Just submit a form here and we will be in touch soon.